Jim Cummins

Sad to hear of the death of NBC correspondent Jim Cummins. He died Friday night just a few months into his retirement at the age of 62.

During the 1979 flood (not 1997) I had a surreal Jim Cummins moment in Grand Forks. I was doing the local morning news "cut-in’s" then during the Today show when WDAZ was still an NBC affiliate. I would get to work shortly after 6 am when only an engineer and myself were "on duty."

On this particular morning I arrived at that ungodly hour only to find Jim Cummins, unannounced, sitting at my desk–smoking a cigar! I still don’t know how he got in the building.

Later, worried about high water, his female producer was determined to go next door to the National Guard armory "to borrow a truck." Not only did she talk her way into the use of said truck, but also a National Guard driver.

I learned that day network correspondents can be as goofy and as much fun as the rest of us. But also I learned that Jim Cummins was as professional and as cool under pressure as anyone I’ve ever met since.

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  1. joni@travel-planner.net

    Jim played basketball with my brother in high school. Regis High School – Cedar Rapids IA. Jim was cool under pressure on the court too! And most of the gals had a crush on him – myself included. 🙂 He was a stand up guy and will be missed! Joni Bealer, Hampton IA

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