If you’re ever asked to be a guest on a live television news show, please do me a favor. Show up.

Each year we book dozens and dozens of people to be with us live on WDAZ News @5 to discuss one thing or another. On average, about one per cent of one per cent of them don’t bother to show up, at least they don’t bother to show up on time.

The latest News @5 no-shows include a pair of illusionists who disappeared on us, a university medical school director and the head of a university alumni association. The magical couple got lost on their way to the station. LOST IN GRAND FORKS! Both university types told us they "lost track of time."

Not exactly a no-show, but a U.S. senator called about an hour and a half before News @5 one day not long ago to say he couldn’t make it, even though he had been "booked" several days earlier. We found out later he was at a fundraising event for himself at 5 o’clock that day at the home of a Grand Forks supporter.

Friday it was a country music singer and the producer of a benefit concert. Both were promised. Neither showed.

Leaving a two and a half to three and a half minute "hole" in a live television broadcast sends as many as a dozen people scrambling to "fill." It also tends to make the boy anchor a little more surly than usual when he gets home.

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  1. greenglass4

    Hi Terry, when I was to appear on KNOX Program with Dakota H and Kevin they called me several times the day before and day of to remind me of time and place for the 1 hour interview, plus I believe there was a confirmation email also. When I did a half hour interview with Ed Schultz in Fargo at KFGO his producer called several times, I was in the studio in Fargo, but Ed was not. Ed was in Arizona for a golf tourney that his son was in. We did the interview over telephone in his studio. The point is one has to call and remind people that you want to interview. greenglass4.

  2. Terry Dullum

    greenglass… We almost always call the day before… or the morning of an interview. We STILL have no-shows! On the other hand, no one calls me to tell me to show up for work.

  3. Can't Believe It!


    I’m sorry, but no one over the age of 12 has any excuse for blowing off an appointment.

    If you know how to write, you should know how to WRITE THINGS DOWN so you won’t forget them.

    And anyone who is smart enough to be booked on WDAZ News @ 5 should have the brains to pick up a phone if they can’t make it.

    Making 10 phone calls to ‘check up’ on a guest seems like a total waste of time. Don’t those radio people have anything else to do?!!

  4. Johnny Carson

    I remember one time when I had Red Skeleton booked for a Tuesday night show and he didn’t bother to show up. It happens to the best of us.

  5. Anon

    May I suggest having greenglass waiting in the wings in case of a no show? I can say that I would definately tune in for the interview. Or, should I say…interview !

  6. GrandForksGuy

    Grand Forks’ resident holocaust denier certainly does love his exclamation points and question marks…

  7. Johnny Carson

    All this hullabaloo reminds me of the night that Doc Sevrinson showed up for the taping an hour late. Seems he’d been out “tuning himself”. When he finally stumbled over to his position, he turned and puked the entire contents of a Johnnie Walker Black bottle onto his drummer’s lap. Without missing a beat, Doc wiped the remaining puke from his face and shouted “That’s what I call a spit take!”

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