School Names

As we (some of us) head back to school, a question:

Lots of high schools, elementary and middle schools have been named after presidents–Jefferson, Kennedy, Washington among others. Some have been named after a direction like Fargo North or South Junior High. A few have been named after things like Red River High School. A few have been named after an especially excellent teacher or administrator.

But in the history of education has there ever been a school named after a particularly devoted janitor? What about an especially good lunch lady? Why not? Schools couldn’t function without staff any more than they could manage without their faculty or administrations. Shouldn’t there be a school somewhere named for a janitor or lunch lady?

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  1. Tu-Uyen

    You got somebody in mind, Terry? I’d nominate Mrs. Davis, my saintly ESL teacher from grade school. Come to think of it, the schools should be named whatever the kids call the staff person. Like Fred the Janitor Elementary School.

  2. here here

    I’d nominate “Joyce the Bus Driver” from my Iowa school. When a kid boarded her bus to go home looking glum about how their school day went, she was the one who noticed and made it her mission to encourage and support them.

  3. Terry Dullum

    There are several, but I’d nominate former Hillsboro High School band teacher James Holo. He taught thousands of kids to read and play music (some of us marginally) over a career that spanned decades. More importantly he taught me and others how to face an audience, overcome stage fright and dozens of other life lessons I continue to draw on even today.

  4. Kay Syvrud

    I would nominate a school name: The Olaf and Lyman Elementary (or High School) for the two faithful custodians who kept our school buildings clean for oh so many long years!!

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