Forever Cool

Capitol Records‘ promotion for the "new" aptly-titled Dean Martin CD Forever Cool is so good I ran out to get a copy Tuesday when it was released. I wish I liked it more.

Much of it has a strange karaoke feel to it. The duet partners picked, including actor Kevin Spacey, seem a little odd to me. So does some of the "conversation" between the new singing partners and Dean. After all, Dean’s dead! The best cuts are of Dean singing solo, anyway.

I used to like this sort of thing, like the Natalie/Nat King Cole version of "Unforgettable" released years ago. Even some of the Sinatra Duets and Duets II weren’t too bad. But Forever Cool isn’t it.

Save your money. Spend it on a real Dean Martin CD. Start with The Essential Dean Martin.

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  1. Charlie

    It’s an odd album, to be sure, Terry. But I can’t help wondering why everyone is so tough on Kevin Spacey. He, much like yourself, and myself, for that matter, has an infatuation (for lack of a better word) with performers of that era; having him on the album seems a natural fit—moreso than Paris Bennett, perhaps, or some of the others. The libbing done by Spacey is reminiscent of some of the lighthearted exchanges between the Rat Pack, bringing back more good memories.

    Hmm. Chris Botti, along with the voice of Dino? A rare opportunity to hear two great artists together.

    Just sharing another point of view; your evaluations of the music scene are generally right on target! :o)

  2. Terry

    Charlie… You’re right. I give Kevin Spacey high marks for introducing younger generations to Bobby Darin, too. Forever Cool is not a bad CD, it’s just not a great one.

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