Mad Men

Those having Sopranos withdrawl would do well to tune into a very cool, new drama on AMC Thursday nights called Mad Men. In fact, the show is produced by Matthew Weiner, the same guy who produced The Sopranos for HBO.

Mad Men is the nickname advertising men gave themselves in the 1950’s. The setting is a New York City advertising agency in 1960.

To say the least, the show is very "atmospheric." Everyone smokes and drinks at work, after work, all the time. Even a doctor seeing a patient during an office call smokes. The (flawed) hero, Don Draper, is a seasoned ad man facing the question of how to help his client, Lucky Strikes, address the earliest cigarette health warnings. Apparently, the writers are going to use real product names. Next week Drapper has to figure out how to "sell" a young Congressman named Richard Nixon to the public.

It seems the show is also going to have a lot to say about how men and women related to each other, especially at work, fifty years ago. Mad Men has the potential to be the next really cool, hip show. I like everything about it, especially the acting and even the open.

2 Responses

  1. Thommy Passa

    I agree the show can be a sleeper hit. I just hope that a show with a story line of ad men will do the right thing and advertise. I mean who turns to AMC for original programming?

  2. Terry Dullum

    Thommy… I could be wrong, but I think this is AMC’s first venture into original programming. If so, they’re doing something right there.

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