What I Saw On Vacation

Among the things I saw on vacation last week:

* Gasoline selling for a good fifteen cents a gallon less in Bemidji than in Grand Forks.

* Some people totally unable to break away from their laptops, even in Minnesota’s beautiful lake country, even for a little while. On one of the most beautiful nights of the summer at one of the state’s nicest lake resorts, while his wife and kids were having a great time in front of their fire pit, we watched a guy glued to his BlackBerry for over a half hour, checking his e-mail.

* The biggest group of loons I’ve ever seen at one time swimming together. I lost count after forty.

What I didn’t see on vacation last week:

* The movie "Knocked Up." The air-conditioning in the Carmike 10 theater showing the film was out. A two and a half hour comedy–even a great one–in 80 degree heat didn’t seem like a good idea Saturday night.

* Any Paris Hilton coverage.

6 Responses

  1. Terry Dullum

    Charlie… not only did I miss it this time, but every other time as well. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never seen Tops in Blue.

  2. greenglass4

    What many missed was the 10,000 street rods and custom cars that were at the St. Paul Fairgrounds this weekend ! It was “Back To The 50’s Weekend” every type, model, year, and make of cars from 1910 to 1965 ! Greatest rolling work of art you will ever see. Will post photos on our website in a couple days. greenglass4.

  3. Melvin

    Well funny thing you bring up the price of gas, but the Grand Forks, Gas Cartel isn’t going to change its practices. Ussually gas is cheaper even in Crookston than it is here. Why, maybe someone should old man simonson why this is?

  4. Johny

    If I can use my blackberry to do some work and correspond with people while spending time with my family, I will. It has allowed me to spend more time at the lake and with the family, instead of being stuck at the office. I apologize if this kind of behavior offends you.

  5. The Gadfly

    I feel the same way. If my Blackberry allows me to continue to do a minimal amount of work, the kind of work that allows me to take my family on vacation, then I will look at it for a half hour or so. You shouldn’t be too quick to judge.

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