Prince At A Price

How much would you pay to see Minnesota native Prince perform–up close? How about $3,121?

According to the LA Times that’s what people were forking over at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel last night. Actually, it was this morning. Prince hit the stage at 4 a.m. The Times review seems to indicate it was worth every penny.

His audience included Diddy, Penelope Cruz, Suge Knight and Erykah Badu. For $3,121, they got tickets and dinner for two. I couldn’t tell from the article, but drinks may have been extra. For $3,121, Prince is going to have to come to my house, MAKE dinner and then peform.

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  1. Anon

    What an amazing night this would be. Only 300 people and Prince and his band playing a jazz set after the show in the lounge.


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