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Joel Siegel

I’ve always liked Joel Siegel’s work as Good Morning America’s film critic and entertainment reporter, but until I read his LA Times obit I had no idea he was a civil rights worker who registered voters in Georgia and marched … Continue reading

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Zany Update

Buddy Bob Zany makes an appearance on “Last Comic Standing” tomorrow (Wednesday) night on NBC. Not to give away anything, but don’t blink. Bob’s been featured in promos for the show since this weekend. Dates have been set (finally) for … Continue reading

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Chuck Lindberg

Sorry to learn about the passing of Charles Lindberg, part of the platoon first to raise the flag over Iwo Jima during World War Two. Chuck, a Grand Forks native, spend much of his later life explaining to reporters like … Continue reading

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What I Saw on Vacation

Among the things I saw on vacation last week: * Gasoline selling for a good fifteen cents a gallon less in Bemidji than in Grand Forks. * Some people totally unable to break away from their laptops, even in Minnesota’s … Continue reading


Prince at a Price

How much would you pay to see Minnesota native Prince perform–up close? How about $3,121? According to the LA Times that’s what people were forking over at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel last night. Actually, it was this morning. Prince hit … Continue reading

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Set in North Dakota

From Ken Korczak: Hi Terry: Maybe you already covered this on your blog, but I rented a horror moviecalled "The Messengers" over the weekend, and it is set in NorthDakota. It stars Dylan McDermott and Penlope Ann Miller. Anyway, it … Continue reading

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Pink Martini

Either they are a big band or, as they call themselves, a little orchestra. Either way, Pink Martini is awfully good. Their new CD and especially its title track "Hey Eugene!" are unlike anything I can remember hearing.  It’s like Lori Line … Continue reading


Josh Sells Home

Actor Josh Duhamel has sold his LA home for close to $2.4 million. The star of "Vegas" and the new movie "Transformers" wants larger digs, according to the Los Angeles Times which reports "Duhamel did a lot of the renovation … Continue reading

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Mr. Wizard

Mr. Wizard, Don Herbert, has died. What little science I remember I probably first learned from watching "Watch Mr. Wizard." Long before Bill Nye the Science Guy, Mr. Wizard was teaching science to baby boomers in the 50’s and 60’s … Continue reading

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Strings & Things

Friday on the Dullum File on television we’re going to be paying a visit to the Greater Grand Forks Symphony Orchestra’s Summer Strings day camp. Summer Strings is a program going on at UND this week and next for young … Continue reading

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