TiVo Losers

From the "I Never Thought About That Department": TiVo Losers. An interesting article in the LA Times this morning about TiVo users who recorded the "American Idol" finale Tuesday night, only to miss the show’s big finish because the live show ran nine minutes long.  Unless TiVo types programmed their machines to record an extra ten minutes they didn’t get to see Jordin Sparks’ big win.  Yesterday afternoon Fox issued an apology to TiVo users for allowing the two-hour show to run long.

The same thing could happen when TiVo-ing live events like the Academy Awards, sports and the like.  Technology!  


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  1. drd

    The same thing happened to me, although I was using a good old VCR. I just assumed if it was a 2 hr show that started at 7, I could set it to tape until 9:02. I was taping it for my wife who is overseas at the moment…will Fox issue an apology to her so I don’t end up in the doghouse?

  2. Terry Dullum

    drd… I understand that, yes, if requested Jordin Sparks will come to your house to offer an apology to your wife on behalf of Fox.

  3. wanderer

    Same thing happened with Dancing with the stars. It seems to go past the alotted time, and one never knows how to program their VCR accordingly.
    What’s with these networks, with their going right up to the last minute?
    We used to see ending credits, and the shows’ theme song, now, it’s just all run together, with the credits at the bottom of the screen, barely visible.

  4. Terry Dullum

    I think the idea is to try to make the end of one show and the start of the next less obvious to the viewer. Thus, giving the viewer less of an opportunity to tune away (to another channel). Plus they can squeeze in more promotional and/or commercial content in the same amount of time. I’ve always thought it was a pretty lame idea.

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