Bye, Bob

This week (Friday) on the Dullum File on television we’re going to be taking a look at television’s newest game show, "National Bingo Night." Or, as it’s been called Bingo on steroids. Everything about it is big–big money, big set, big balls.

It may be unfair to say, but host Ed Sanders is no Bob Barker. Who is?

The man with the pencil-thin microphone will be doing his last "The Price is Right" on June 15. I knew Bob Barker had some connection to South Dakota, but I didn’t realize he spent most of his youth on that state’s Rosebud Indian Reservation where his mother was a school teacher.

Like Larry King, Bob Barker has been in broadcasting for 50 years. How do these guys to it?

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  1. greenglass4

    Terry I have your answer ! Both Larry King and Bob Barker and Huge Hefner are kept young at heart by the young women they have in their lives @ These guys are in 70’s and 80’s and girlfriends are in their 20’s and 30′. I rest my case. greenglass4.

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