Big Al

Congratulations to Al Aamodt who began new hosting duties on WDAY-AM’s Noonday program this week.  Al has been in television for a million years.  He’ll be "fair and balanced" and along with enthusiasm, he’ll bring something else too often missing in talk radio these days–a little bit of intelligence.   Knock ’em dead, Al!

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  1. buffalogal

    OH do I ever agree with you about Al Aamodt!!! And you hit the nail on the head when you said he brings a valuable ingredient to Noonday….intelligence! I hope he is a permanent host on that noon show. What a great and refreshing change!

  2. truth harvestor

    3 hours of right wing narrow minded extremism before him ( Hennen) , 3 hours of the same or worse after him ( Hannity) and Laura Ingram in the evening !
    Why would any sensible , open minded , intelligent person like Al put himself in that position. Personally I think it is too much to hope for to expect those that dial in for a steady feed of monotonous prattle , to be receptive to sensible discussion on that radio station?
    Well good luck anyway Al , but I think what WDAY is doing is akin to putting Gershwin and Bach on sandwiched between metal metal and hiphop. WDAYers are just going to punch their dials searching for Rush.

  3. Baldbutt Suey

    International Harvestor…seems like you never get your fill of Hennen. You’re always on his blog site. Why don’t you do us all a favor and stay the hell off. You are a moron and jerkoff.

    Idiot loser.

  4. truth harvestor

    I do indeed apologize. In my attempt to comment on WDAY’s programming ,one of those “fans” followed me here and left his muddy tracks on Terry’s nice site. Terry you are too nice a guy to be exposed to that behavoir.
    I think it is worth noting that Hennen now employs a moderator/editor to regulate such personal attacks that BS demostrated here.
    I still think Al is refreshing change on that station as Buff gal noted.

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