Tom Wopat

Looking forward to talking with Tom Wopat tonight on WDAZ News @5 for a lot reasons.
The former "Dukes of Hazzard" actor is starring as Billy Flynn in "Chicago" at the Chester Fritz Auditorium in Grand Forks tonight and tomorrow at 7:30.

He’s had an interesting career to say the least–television, Broadway, recording, more television. The word versatile comes to mind.

Right now I’m listing to his dynamite CD "Tom Wopat Sings Harold Arlen: Dissertation on the State of Bliss" celebrating the 100th birthday of the composer. Tunes like "That Old Black Magic," "One For My Baby," "Over The Rainbow" and on and on.  How much better does it get? It is very jazzy, very cool and very, very classy.

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  1. Moorheadman

    I wonder if Tom’s brother still hits the road singing. I remember listening to Dave Wopat in about 1988 in Crookston, and got a copy of his “cassette” back then. Awesome singer also.

  2. Dick Donnelly

    I saw Dave while going to college at Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls OR in 1980 and have always wondered why I didn’t see his name go big because he definitely had the talent – especially on the 12 string electrical acoustical.

  3. Sheri from Wisconsin

    I saw Dave on the college circuit as well. I had a really nice picture taken with him but a jealous guy tore it up. I would LOVE to see him again. Him and his red Converse sneakers!!

  4. Donna

    Hi, I’m a fan of Dave’s brother Tom’s current music and was looking to find Dave’s but to no avail by searching the net. I do have a nice pic I took of Dave, Tom and brother Jim from about 4 or 5 years ago when Tom was appearing at Carnegie Hall. If anyone can help with finding used Dave music, please post and let me know. Maybe in that shoebox in the closet!! LOL! Thanx a lot.

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