This week on television I’ll be getting my hair cut by barber LeRoy Pedersen.  LeRoy’s been cutting hair in Edinburg, North Dakota, for more than half a century–something like 53 years.  That’s longer than anyone else in northeastern North Dakota.  Before that he cut hair at the Dakota Hotel in Grand Forks.  Before that, in Devils Lake.

Actually, it’s my second Pedersen haircut.  The first was something like twenty years ago.  It’s time for a trim.  You can see the results of LeRoy’s work Friday night on the Dullum File.

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  1. Charlie

    Something about a guy’s barber that makes for cherished memories. I’m looking forward to this edition of the Dullum File.

    Grand Forks has had its share of memorable gentlemen in that profession. The announcement of possibly renaming the downtown square Sam Silverman Square causes me to think of another location where one could get not only some valuable services but also an education. The Blue Bird shoe shop was one such place, of course, but getting one’s hair cut at the neighboring Olson’s Barber Shop was an event for a kid. Mr.Olson could (and would) dispend excellent advice as well as a perfect trim.

  2. Terry Dullum

    Charlie… In my hometown of Hillsboro there was also a shoe repair shop, now gone, with a well-worn bench in front that attracted the community’s older gentlemen. Many world problems were solved there. Thanks for your comments.

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