Purple Rain

Prince put on his usual excellent show during the Superbowl’s halftime yesterday, despite a Miami rain.  Two questions:  How do the musicians keep from getting electrocuted?  And, how do Prince’s twin dancers perform in high heels in the rain, and not fall on their–ah–faces?

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  1. great8

    Prince is one of the most overrated musicians playing right now……sorry, but his show was very predictable

  2. Alicia

    I was trying to figure out how they managed to stay upright as well. I figure they must have some kind of grippers on the soles of their shoes. There’s no way one could dance in that much rain in those boots.

  3. mattfacingsouth

    Prince’s guitar and microphone were both wireless. The little 9-volt battery in the transmitter can’t even shock a fly.

    As far as the band – it seems that most live-audio engineers (myself included) are of the consensus that they were not playing and the “band” you heard was a backing track. The drummer was playing along with the track, but wasn’t in the live-feed at all, which was the reason for the drum delay you heard by way of Prince’s microphone (distance from drummer and direct real-time backing track = delay sound). The keyboards would have been ruined, powered or not – my guess is that they had plastic over them and were not even plugged in.

    I liked the show.

  4. Patrick

    Sorry, you are sadly mistaken. Prince is one of these figures the media likes to prop up on a pedestal. Unfortunately, when people like myself criticize these types of artists and people, I’m accused not being smart or not knowing what good music and entertainment really is.

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