How To Cheat At Cleaning

This week on television we’re going to take a look at ways to cheat at housework.  Good, practical and funny advice from Jeff Bredenberg’s new book "How To Cheat At Cleaning."  Every cleaning perfectionist should have a copy.

The book includes Jeff’s "15-Minute Touch-Up" for those times when friends unexpectedly say they’ll be right over.  He says focus mostly on the clutter and then just one or two high-profile cleaning touch-ups:

*  Throw the newspapers into the recycling or trash.

*  Stuff books and magazines onto shelves and racks.

*  Toss any toys into toy boxes or the kids’ bedrooms–and pull those bedroom doors closed.

*  Whip out a disposable wipe or dampen a paper towel with cleaner.  Wipe down the bathroom sink and toilet.

Skip the vacuuming or dusting.  A guest who’s there for only an hour won’t notice.

3 Responses

  1. Kay Syvrud

    I like this advice on non-cleaning and have been practicing such things for years (except when I hosted a class reunion event..I CLEANED) It is also reminiscent of a book I read years ago that advised this on cleaning the kitchen: when you have the dishrag in your hand, take a swipe at the cupboards as you walk by them. It has worked for me for many years—-longer than I care to admit.

  2. MorganEVELYN31

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