Movie Voice-Over Guy

His whispery, baritone voice is one of the most destinctive in the world.  He is the movie voice-over guy on all those thriller and action movie trailers that all seem to begin with "In a world….." 

His name is Don LaFontaine and he’s a native of Duluth.  He’s voiced thousands of television and radio promos, commercials and,  movie trailers including those for "Batman," "The Terminator" and "Friday the Thirteenth."   He says he’s able to do over 80 voice-over jobs a single day.

He’s been called "The King of Movie Trailers", "Mr. Voice," "Thunder Throat" and even "The Voice of God."   Wikipedia credits him with nothing short of helping to create the modern movie trailer.

He’s taking on announcing duties this year for the Academy Awards telecast Sunday, February 25 on ABC.  In the meantime, he can be seen (as well as heard) on one of those very funny Geico television ads. 

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