Curling Up, Part Two

Thanks to everybody at the Lake Region Curling Club for showing us such a good time the other night.  Special thanks to Dwight and Rudi for their patience in trying to teach me the basics of the sport.  It takes patience with me.  The results of their efforts and mine, such as they are, can be seen on the Dullum File Friday on television.

It’s easy to make fun of curling.  Making fun of things is part of what I do.  But it’s also easy to see how sincere curlers are about their sport.  It’s a "gentlemens’ sport" to be sure, and a social one.  But curlers also talk about curling as an obsession.  Some say they think about the mistakes they make in competition all the time–day and night, winter and SUMMER! 

It brought to mind the famous story (in curling circles, anyway) about the Grafton team that went all the way to world championships in Germany in 1972.  In the finals, Grafton beat Canada 9 to 8.  One of the Grafton curlers jumped up in the air in celebration, touched one of the other team’s stones resulting in necessity for a tie-breaking end which Canada won.  I’m told two of the brothers on the Grafton team didn’t speak to each other for ten years.

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  1. Charlie

    …somebody started talking, eventually; they opened a bar called The Extra End in Grafton. Neat place, too…neighborhood-type ambiance, with lots of warm conversation.

    Going to be in shape for the bonspiels, Terry? :o)

  2. Terry Dullum

    We were talking the other night about how good the food (burgers, pies etc.) is at the Grafton Curling Club. I’m told it’s open year-round, too. Curling may not be my sport, but I like the eating and drinking that surrounds it.

  3. Kay Syvrud

    Curlers replay the curling games? Talk about it obsessively? Reminds me of some Whist players I used to know(and not love) on a tour bus when I was in college!!!!


    Thanks for your curling report. I’ve forwarded it to all the curling members. Everybody is going to be glued to your show Friday night. It is going be really entertaining, not just for curlers but the general public as well. Thanks again Terry and WDAZ for coming to our club. Dwight Noltimier

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