Sam Silverman

The saddest news story for me yesterday was the passing of Grand Forks businessman Sam Silverman.  He died yesterday at the age of 91. 

Everyone who knew Sam has a story or two about him.  Ginny and I shared a few with friends over pizza last night.

I’d be in Silverman’s "just looking."  Sam would spot me from across the store and yell, "Dullum, hold on, I’ve got the perfect suit for you.  But, it’s in the basement."  A couple minutes later he’d emerge with a suit which was perfect for me.  I didn’t know I needed a suit, but Sam did.

Sam was a great joke-teller.  He usually had a new one whenever I’d see him.  They were good, too.  I used a couple of his stories in speeches for years.

Ginny remembers being in his store when a couple of men, perhaps city mission residents, were looking over a table of "clearance" shirts.  She remembers Sam rushing over and treating them with as much respect as he’d give his best customer.

That’s the thing about Sam, he was a gentleman.  There weren’t many left to begin with.  There’s one less today. 

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    Sam was one-of-a-kind…I used to go to dinner with him and he always had great stories…I will miss seeing him when I visit GFK. He wil be missed by many…

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