Christmas Eve

A couple of weeks ago I got my first e-mail from Australia.  It was from David Grant, a Hillsboro High School classmate of mine (one year removed).  He’s been living and teaching "down under" since 1973.

Since I was a kid I’ve been hearing about what small world it is.  But David’s e-mail got me thinking, almost for the first time, about how personally connected we all are the world over.

I’ve got a friend who says she watches WDAZ News @5 regularly through the Internet in Northern Ireland.  We can all probably name a dozen people who volunteer their time regulartly in poorer countries of the world. 

The point is, we’re no longer just North Dakotans or Minnesotans, or even Americans.  The world is too small for that.  What we say and do matters everywhere like never before.

As schmalzy as it may sound, if I could have one wish at this time of year (other than health for my family and friends, enourmous wealth and George Clooney’s hair), it would be that that somehow we in the U.S. could begin to restore our badly damaged reputation around the world.  I think it could happen.

Merry Christmas,   


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  1. Kay Syvrud

    You are most welcome (mentioning your blog) It is a favorite of mine and I am not making it up when I say I read the Dullum File very regularly.Have always enjoyed the Dullum File on WDAY TV also! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Good Ol' Boy

    Rather than wishing for the rest of the world to like us and think well of us, would we (and the rest of the world)perhaps be better off if they respected us?
    The former is probably not attainable, the latter very much attainable.

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