Captain Concern

This week on television we’re going to be joining the Army.  We’re joining the time-honored ranks of Salvation Army bell ringers.  The Army is in particular need of bell ringers this year to help with fundraising in Grand Forks (and probably just about everywhere else).

Despite my previous bell ringing behavior (I probably shouldn’t have chased down non-contributors into K-Mart that time a couple of years ago), I’ve been invited–invited, mind you–to ring again by Salvation Army envoy Mike Fuqua, no less.  We’re going to be joined by Captain Concern, the army’s mascot.  Captain Concern scares me just a little, by the way.

This year, the organization is hoping to raise $210,000 in the Grand Forks area or about $10,000 more than last year.  It goes a long way, too.   

Last year more than 400 Christmas food baskets were distributed in the Grand Forks area, almost 3,700 toys were given out and over 1,300 people were helped by the Army.  The organization also has aids area families throughout the year with rental assistance, housing needs, clothing and the like.

If you want to volunteer, and I hope you will, you can call (701) 772-0028 or (701) 775-2597.