The Wisdom Of George Hamilton

If you could have lunch with anyone in Hollywood, who would it be?  For me, it wouldn’t be Brad or Angelina or Tom–especially not Tom.  I’d like to talk with George Hamilton for a couple of hours.

I’ve always thought he is very funny, a celebrity who has never taken himself too seriously as an actor–or anything else.  In forty years or something like that, he’s worked in both old and new Hollywood and I bet he knows where all the bodies are buried.

At the wonderful AAUW book sale the other day I picked up a used copy of George Hamilton’s 1998 book "Life’s Little Pleasures" for a couple of bucks–autographed!  If anyone knows how to enjoy himself, it’s probabloy George Hamilton.      

He lays out his views on such diverse (to say the least) topics as acting, grooming, house-cleaning, dating, drinking, gambling, parenting, spirituality, junk food, marriage, serenity, cigars, money, power, fame, dressing, tipping, family and, of course, tanning. 

He’s been up and down, in and out, rich and broke at least a couple of times.  But he maintains attitude is more important than just about anything.  If you think you’re something, people will think you’re something.  It’s my kind of self-help book.

Sadly, it’s also out of print.  Although, there were a couple of used copies available on the other day.

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