Ron Claiborne

Our thanks to Good Morning America weekend anchor Ron Claiborne who recently recorded his "recollections" of covering the 1997 Red River Valley flood for us.  Mr. Claiborne and his ABC News crew worked out of WDAZ during the flood.  His comments and others are going to be included in a 10th anniversary DVD edition of "Force of Nature."

"Force of Nature" is a two-hour video produced by WDAZ in 1997 following the flood.  It will be re-released in DVD format with two hours of additional material–some of it never seen before–along with updated information on how the area has "done" in the decade since the flood.  The DVD is going to be released in the Spring on the 10th anniversary of the flood. 

More on that later.  I’ve said too much already.  (I’m pretty sure I’ll be in fired for saying this.)

Earlier this year Mr. Claiborne traced his roots through DNA testing back to Ghana’s Ashanti tribe and slavery for a GMA story.  To say the least, it’s fascinating stuff.

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