Vikings Kickoff Song

Andrew Saur of Duluth is leading a campaign to change the Vikings kickoff song to Led Zeppelin’s "Immigrant Song."  Saur received a standard "no solicitation" letter from the Vikings organization when he pitched the idea.

Saur has not been discouraged by the setback and continues to campaign for the change.  He’s created a website documenting his efforts where supporters can sign an online petition.  To date, he says he has received almost 500 signatures and support continues to grow.

He says the "Immigrant Song" is intense and powerful, and more importantly, it is sung about the Vikings.  The current kickoff song is "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N’ Roses.  The website includes a short video documentary about the campaign and the petition fans can sign.  Saur’s campaign has been featured in Sports Illustrated and in publifcations as far away as Iceland.

He says "I don’t know if something like this has ever been done before.  At this point, we have several hundred signed up for the petition.  I would like to have 10,000 signatures and present that to the Vikings Front Office.  Now that would be impressive." 

About Terry Dullum

Terry Dullum is a North Dakota native and a graduate of the University of North Dakota. Currently, he is the anchor and producer of WDAZ News @5. He is also a popular speaker throughout the region.
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  1. greenglass4 says:

    just wondering if anyone has comments on the shootout in egf yesterday. i seen it unfold over a number of hours. over reaction of 50 police to 1 guy. swat team could’t talk to the guy because sheriff deputy killed him. greenglass4.

  2. forgetaboutit says:

    greenglass4…. maybe you could wonder somewhere else

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