Union Move

Perhaps the most surprising news story of the week for me is the one that seemingly came out of nowhere.  After almost 80 years, the North Dakota Farmers Union board of directors voted Tuesday to move its headquarters from Jamestown to Bismarck (or maybe Mandan.)  What’s next?  The World’s Largest Buffalo?  Watch your back, White Cloud.

Farmers Union leaders want to be closer to North Dakota legislators.  Who doesn’t want to be closer to them?  But, in our humble opinion, moving the Farmers Union to Bismarck would be like moving the North Dakota State Mill and Elevator from Grand Forks to Fargo.   

The Farmers Union membership may get a chance to vote on the move at their state convention next month in Williston.

4 Responses

  1. Ben

    I can’t believe NO one has responded to the unilateral decision of the NDFU board to recommend to their members that they move their headquarters out of Jamestown. In this electronic age it does seem quaint and rear-guard
    leadership. If they think it’ll solve their media ccess concerns they really are thinking in early 20th century terms. New times require new ways of doing thins. To move from Jamestown to Mandan does only one thing. It puts you 100 miles closer to the Montana border!

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