The Wisdom Of George Hamilton

If you could have lunch with anyone in Hollywood, who would it be?  For me, it wouldn’t be Brad or Angelina or Tom–especially not Tom.  I’d like to talk with George Hamilton for a couple of hours. I’ve always thought he is very funny, a celebrity who has never taken himself too seriously as an actor–or anything else.  In…
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Ron Claiborne

Our thanks to Good Morning America weekend anchor Ron Claiborne who recently recorded his "recollections" of covering the 1997 Red River Valley flood for us.  Mr. Claiborne and his ABC News crew worked out of WDAZ during the flood.  His comments and others are going to be included in a 10th anniversary DVD edition of "Force of…
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Jane Wyatt

An article in the Los Angeles Times this morning informs us that actress Jane Wyatt has died at the age of 96.  Anyone growing up in the 50’s knew her as the mother on the family sit-com "Father Knows Best" with Robert Young.  Young was 91 when he died in 1998. I never knew she…
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The Christmas Book

This week on television we’re going to be taking our annual look inside the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book–just in time for Halloween.  For 80 years now the Texas department store has been publishing its holiday gift catalogue.  Although a lot of items in the book are priced under a hundred bucks, it also includes a number of "fantasy" gifts.  To say the least, they…
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Sharon King Hoge