Chili Cookoff

Now I know how Susan Lucci feels.  Your Home Team walked away from the 7th annual Friends of the Greenway Chili Cookoff today without the gold (or silver or bronze).  The cookoff is part of Catfish Days in East Grand Forks each year.

The team was anchored by Tami Osborne, Cassie Walder, James Degelder and photographer extraordinaire Chris Regimbal.  I showed up later to be photographed and take credit should we win.  We didn’t. 

Milo Smith served as one of the several hundred judges.  We tried to think of ways he could cheat for us, but weren’t clever enough to come up with any.

The H & R Block team took first place honors for their chili.  Congratulations to them.  (One tries to be gracious in defeat.)  Just wait till next year, Blockheads.

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  1. Biker Chili Chick

    Wish I would’ve gotten a sample of Channel 8 Chili before you ran out. In an autographed cup, too!!

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