Lance Is Gay, Oprah’s Not

Item one:  At least 20 per cent of ‘N Sync is gay.  Lance Bass tells People magaine he is gay and in a stable relationship with an actor.

On a related note, Bass and Joey Fatone, another ‘N Syncer, are developing an Odd Couple-like sit-com in which Lance’s character is gay.  That should be good.

Item two:  Oprah Winfrey calls a news conference to quell rumors that’s she and best friend Gayle King are gay. They’re just good friends.  No mention that I’ve heard of Stedman.

Lance and Oprah have brightened up the last couple of otherwise slow summer days in the newsroom.  (Reporters like celebrity gossip as much as anyone–maybe more.)  The people I work with were surprised by Lance’s "news," but not shocked.  There was no wailing or gnashing of teeth over it.  As for Oprah’s newser, no one seemed to care much. 

3 Responses

  1. starman

    Like Jay Leno said the other night – it wasn’t a big surprise hearing that Lance Bass was gay, it was that the other four memebers weren’t gay that was the most shocking.

  2. Dan Haglund

    I’ve never seen Ellen DeGeneres and Lance Bass in the same room together … perhaps they are one and the same?

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