Little Man

He is famous from the neck down.  If you’ve seen the  Wayans brothers’ new movie Little Man, you’ve seen Linden Porco of Winnipeg, or at least his body.         

Linden was born 9 years ago with a rare form of dwarfism.  At 32 inches, he was just what the Wayans were looking for.  Linden’s body was filmed.  Later, Marlon Wayans’ head was superimposed to create the character of a jewel thief who pretends to be a toddler. 

The Winnipegger got the job through actor Verne Troyer who is most famous for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies.  The two met in Winnipeg last year.  That meeting led to Linden’s Hollywood gig. 

Linden spent two hours each day having his body painted before going in front of the cameras.  He must be a patient kid.  More patient than the critics, maybe.  The movie has gotten "mixed" reviews.