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Covering Al Franken

Memo to my bosses (all of them):  If, and when, comedian Al Franken decides to run for the U.S. Senate from Minnesota against incumbent Norm Coleman, I’d like to be assigned to cover his (Franken’s) campaign full-time.  I’ll even work nights and weekends–occasionally. … Continue reading


Listening Tour

Thanks to everybody at the Traill County Senior Citizens Association for the invitation to speak at their annual picnic in Hillsboro Sunday.  It was the first stop on my 2006 Listening Tour.  It’s also the only stop on my 2006 Listening Tour. … Continue reading

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Miss Manitoba

Just about the time you think all hope is gone and civilization is about over, along comes something really refreshing.  This time it’s the Miss Manitoba competition, of all things.  Apparently, for some time the people running the competition have cared … Continue reading

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Lance is Gay, Oprah’s Not

Item one:  At least 20 per cent of ‘N Sync is gay.  Lance Bass tells People magaine he is gay and in a stable relationship with an actor. On a related note, Bass and Joey Fatone, another ‘N Syncer, are developing … Continue reading


Monopoly, British Style

I’m not much of a game-player, but I can be coerced into a round or two of Trivial Pursuit every other year or so.  My current wife Ginny and I will also kill a couple of hours every now and then when we’re … Continue reading

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Chip & Pepper

Time now for an update on Chip & Pepper, for no particular reason.  Twin brothers Chip and Pepper Foster of  Winnipg began their "fashion" career selling tie-dyed t-shirts to teenagers out of the back of the back of their car on Grand Beach near … Continue reading

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The Guthrie, Old & New

It’s wonderful to know the new $125 million Guthrie Theater is open as of Friday night in downtown Minneapolis with a new version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s "The Great Gatsby."  I can’t wait to see it–the building or the play, for that matter.    Still, it’s sad … Continue reading

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Little Man

He is famous from the neck down.  If you’ve seen the  Wayans brothers’ new movie Little Man, you’ve seen Linden Porco of Winnipeg, or at least his body.          Linden was born 9 years ago with a rare form of dwarfism.  At 32 inches, … Continue reading

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Ingo & Me

I’m not an actor, but a couple of years ago I played a role on the ABC soap opera General Hospital.  Really. It was a small part.  It was a very small part.  I had one line.  You may have missed it.  … Continue reading

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They’ll Never Put That On The Air

We ran across an interesting new book the other day called "They’ll Never Put That On The Air:  An Oral History Of Taboo-Breaking TV Comedy" by Allan Neuwirth."  Going back to the very earliest days of television, it recalls a … Continue reading

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