Dane Cook’s Tourgasm

I think I’ve ended up on the cutting room floor of "Dane Cook’s Tourgasm" television series.  It airs on HBO Sunday nights and is repeated throughout the week.

What happened on and off-stage with Dane and three other comedians on last year’s "Tourgasm" college campus tour was recorded for his new reality show.  In advance of an appearance at UND, all four paid us a visit on WDAZ News @5.  They brought along two video cameras, two photographers, two sound people, a producer and one or two others.  It was the biggest entourage I have yet to encounter.     

The comedians were dressed "casually," having just completed a round of frisbee golf in the park, an event also recorded by their crew.  For reasons I still don’t understand, they weren’t allowed to tape their own performances that night at the Chester Fritz Auditorium.

Since our interview, Dane has hosted "Saturday Night Live," stars in the upcoming movie "Employee Of The Month" and may or may not be dating Jessica Simpson.  In any event, he’s a very lucky man (and a very funny one).

A couple of the Tourgasm shows have aired already.  But, again, I have a feeling we’ve been cut.  So far, my people have been unsuccessful in getting to his people to find out for sure.  

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  1. cinemologist

    I was at that show. After a last minute rush to buy tickets and a bit of a commute, we ended up at the show. Dane and the group did a great job and much merriment was had by all.

    So when the Tourgasm series came on, I was anxious to see the GF coverage. Unfortunately, the city was displayed as a point on the path from Montana to South Dakota. I know they can’t show every stop on the tour, but jeez, I hoped for at least a little local color.

    Maybe we should name something in GF after Dane — like a lift station?

  2. aestheticpassion

    IT was an issue with UND. they said they couldn’t air anything that involved the UND campus..but they do sneak in random GF things in other episodes.

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