Woodworth, North Dakota

I thought I’d been everywhere (in North Dakota, at least).  But until the other day I’d never been to Woodworth, North Dakota.  I was invited to speak to the 50th annual meeting of the Woodworth Farmers Grain Company. 

The Woodworth welcome sign says the population if 85.  But I’m told on good authority that it’s really more like 45,  except in hunting season when the population doubles.

Woodworth is northwest of Jamestown not far from the Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge.  One of the oldest in the country, it was established in 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt mainly to protect the American White Pelican (which I got a glimpse of).  Other birds practically flew into my car on my way home and I had to brake for a turtle crossing the highway.  It is simply one of the most beautiful placess in North Dakota. 


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  1. Politically Incorrect

    Definitely God’s country, but shhh….don’t let the secret out. I am just fine with the Red River Valley city dwellers heading east to the fine lakes of MN.

  2. FireNuts

    I’d like to head for the mountains. The mountains of Fosston, (if you know what I mean: wink wink). There used to be some fine hilly hills up that way. I once saw a guy strangle a bobcat with his bear hands.

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