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The New York Times has a couple of recent articles about two Minnesotans–one of them no longer with us, the other very much alive.

The sometimes media-shy Garrison Keillor has opened his "spacious" St. Paul home to the Times, complete with color pictures of his digs and his family.  Funny what a new movie, "Prairie Home Companion" inspired by his radio program and directed by Robert Altman, will do for a celebrity’s press access.

The content of the other Times story is a bit stranger.  Singer Rufus Wainwright is about to recreate Judy Garland’s legendary 1961 Carnegie Hall concert, song by song, at the famous venue.  Mr. Wainwright is to be backed by a 40-piece orchestra and dressed by Dutch designers. 

Posters for the event even recall the instantly-recognizable originals.  Both shows next week are sold out, but the concerts will be filmed. 

How strange the entertainment world has become.

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  1. Open your mind

    Why is everything that doesn’t fit into the our local straight, white, Midwestern view of things seen as “strange”?

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