A Moving Experience

I hate moving.  That may be one of the reasons why Ginny and I have lived in the same place for 29 years–until the other day.

Thanks to:

*  The area’s grocery and liquor stores for all the cardbox boxes

*  Cassie Walder for giving me three days off my day job to work full-time on my moving job

*  My mother for packing up our kitchen

*  Gary Keller for the use of his pickup truck and his muscle

*  Dave and Mary Beth Vigeland for their expertise and unpacking skills 

*  Marietta and Bill Ekberg and Rock and Chuck Bundlie for their support

*  The Cherry Street Townhomes Association board of directors for organizing a tremendous going-away "block party" for us (and for the cards and gifts)

*  Our previous neighbors for putting up with us for nearly three decades…

*  Our new neighbors for being so welcoming

We hope our realtor and our lender enjoy their commissions.  We’re very happy to be in our new home, but we expect to be moving again–in another 29 years.