Lori Cowan

One of the hardest parts about "being around" for a long time is saying goodbye to people you’ve worked with.  It’s especially hard when you work with people you like and admire.  Such is the case with Lori Cowan who is leaving WDAZ Friday.  She’s been with us all too  short a time, as far as I’m concerned.  After…
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Dane Cook’s Tourgasm

I think I’ve ended up on the cutting room floor of "Dane Cook’s Tourgasm" television series.  It airs on HBO Sunday nights and is repeated throughout the week. What happened on and off-stage with Dane and three other comedians on last year’s "Tourgasm" college campus tour was recorded for his new reality show.  In advance of an appearance at UND, all four paid us a…
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Rhubarb (Part Two)

Rhubarb Fest in Grafton

Tractor Pulling

In real life I’ve never even been to a tractor pull.  But the other day I gave tractor pulling a try.  It’s harder than it looks. Dave Tucker and Frank Burkholder of the Northern Pullers (their name, not mine) matched me up with a 1947 John Deere G.  Somehow, it was appropriate.  Suffice it to say, I…
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Woodworth, North Dakota

I thought I’d been everywhere (in North Dakota, at least).  But until the other day I’d never been to Woodworth, North Dakota.  I was invited to speak to the 50th annual meeting of the Woodworth Farmers Grain Company.  The Woodworth welcome sign says the population if 85.  But I’m told on good authority that it’s really…
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