Dave Barry Gets A Facelift

The Dave Barry Lift Station is getting a facelift.  I know because the Dave Barry (No. 16) is MY lift station, just a couple of blocks from my house.  I drive by it every day and walk past it almost every day (except in inclement weather–like October through March, sometimes April).

If you don’t know, Grand Forks has been naming (sewer) lift stations in the past few years.  Read into it what you will.  It was the brainchild of Dr. Mayor Mike Brown, maybe not his best one, but it was his.

 The first "honoree"  was Mr. Barry.  It seemed liked a good way to recognize the famous humorist’s work, I guess, and about the only way to get him to town.  I remember our camera crew bitching about having to cover its dedication on a very cold January, 2002 day.  I was busy working inside at the time. 

Another lift station is named after Grand Forks Herald writer Marilyn Hagerty.  Hers is not getting a facelift, as far as I know.

Actually, the Dave lift station is getting more than a facelift.  Already, the lift station’s pumps, pump valves and the like have been replaced.  Dave Kresel, Grand Forks waste water supervisor, says it’s work that needs to be done every 15 or 20 years.  He says they’re also sprucing up the exterior a little, to make it more esthecally pleasing.

Now, Dr. Mayor Mike will have to get Mr. Barry back for a re-dedication of the shiny, new Dave.  Good luck with that. 

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  1. wordcop

    it’s [the first one] should be its [possessive not contraction of it is]

    pump values? perhaps valves

    esthetically, I presume and not esthically [I’m not sure I’ve reproduced what you created correctly!]

    I know blogs are informal, but we should still strive to use the language correctly 🙂

  2. Terry Dullum

    Dear cop… I’ve made the necessary changes. You’re right. We should strive to use language correctly. I do, but the phone rang and I was in too much of a hurry to publish. Forgive me. How’s much punctuation?

  3. wordcop

    Much better, but esthetically still needs work! Not sure I understand “how’s much punctuation”, but your punctuation [not my bag] seems to reflect the way you speak :-), so I have no complaint there.

  4. Terry Dullum

    Dear cop… Please substitue “my” for “much” and spell esthetically however you like. (I’m tired of making changes.) By the way, I haven’t seen anyone use the expression not “my bag” since the 60’s.

  5. FireNuts

    Sorry to interupt you two Nancy Boys, but naming lift stations after “c” list celebrities is a waste of money, time, and engergy. Now get back to the topic at hand: Fathers’ rights.

  6. Terry Dullum

    Nuts…. It’s “energy.” I wanted you to hear it from me, rather than wordcop.

  7. wordcop

    Terry and ‘Firenuts’,

    It is also interrupt [not interupt], but generally I feel it is an impossible task to get the masses to use, spell and type words correctly and, more particularly, to proofread what they ‘publish’. For that reason I usually confine my corrections to people I think may actually care enough [for professional reasons, perhaps] to bother paying attention to such things. In general errors that are clearly typos do not inspire a note from me. Terry should consider it almost a compliment that I think he might care [although the jury is still out on that, based on his response!].

  8. greenglass4

    i have always felt that most of dave barrys original articles were a waste of time and newsprint. but the reruns are even worse, if that’s possible, much like marilyn hagerty and her waste of space and newsprint. talking to her sister shirley, her hammer, nails etc. makes me ill. what are your thoughts. greenglass4.

  9. PiratreBoy

    Dave Barry’s life station needs a facelift? Send that to Mr. Barry, and I’ll bet he uses it in the next book he writes.

    Dave Barry does still write, right

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