WD-40 may be second only to Duct Tape in usefulness–as far as most guys are concerned, at least.  This week on television we’re going to be talking about some those many uses (in addition to cleaning and lubricating).

Loyal customers submit their WD-40 uses on the company’s website.  I have a list of more than 2,000 of them, 40 pages worth (single-spaced.)  Here are a few:

*  Removes insects from car grills

*  Rehydrates paintbrush bristles

*  Loosens stuck light switches

*  Unfreezes car doors in winter

*  Shines golf clubs

*  Keeps wicker chairs from squeaking

*  Keeps flies off cows

*  Prevents weeds from growing in sidewalk cracks

*  Keeps cats out of flower beds

*  Use can to prop open windows


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  1. greenglass4

    i would like to discuss the North Dakota Family Law Reform Initiative. A recent letter/viewpoint by Lloyd Omdahl in many ND papers states our measure “victimizes children”. it does not, just the opposite, it empowers parents and their children, instead of the current system which discriminates against fathers and their children. we want to prevent judicial bias by judges that are influenced bt local rape and abuse centers that promote false allegations of spouse abuse and child abuse in divorce and child custody matters. our measure will ensure justice in the justice system;both parents should be treated fairly by the courts in divorce, child custody, child support, and child visitation matters in family court. family law reform is for equality for both parents and their children. sen ray holmberg from gf passed a law that punishes a parent making false allegations of spouse or child abuse in a family law court. they would lose custody and have to pay for all attorneys bills. we want gender equality in family law courts. cathy brenan an instructor wrote a good article about mr omdahl’s letter. “omdahl’s views are Dark Ages” she also states many lawyers are only concerned about accounts receivable and and many judges are lazy and don’t hear a case. thew legal system has to be put to work. support family law reform by sugning the oetition. greenglass4.

  2. Thief River

    Well said, Green Grass. Not enough attention is being paid to this topic. A few good people like Ray Homeberg and Leroy Stump are addressing it, but others, such as Leon Osborne and Lynn Stauss have backed way too far off, as far as we’re concerned. Let’s get back to the matters at hand and get a full discussion of these issues. Maybe we could do it at the fieldhouse here in Thief River at the college.

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