Police Woman

To me, North Dakota native Angie Dickinon can do very little wrong.  I like celebrities who don’t take themselves too seriously.  Once, hosting "Saturday Night Live" she admitted to the audience that she would never "play the classics." 

Although she was in movies like the original "Ocean’s 11" with Frank Sinatra and "Rio Bravo" with John Wayne, she is best known for playing smart, sexy Sgt. Suzanne "Pepper" Anderson on NBC’s "Police Woman."

"Police Woman – The Complete First Season (1974)" was released on DVD a couple of weeks ago.  It features commentary by her and co-star Earl Holliman.   

In its first season the show became one of television’s Top 10.  For a time, it was number one.  To read the Amazon.dot customer reviews, the first season was by far the best.  One review suggests "Police Woman" was the first successful drama series in television history to feature a woman in the title role.       

As an LA cop, she would go under-cover each week as everything from a streetwalker to a a prison inmate to a go-go dancer.  Sometimes I miss the 70’s.

When I interviewed her (quite) a few years ago, she told me she wouldn’t want to star in another television series.  She said there’s too much pressure when everything hangs on your name.

By the way, I’d fight for the assigment of interviewing her again, if I had to.

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  1. fargomaven

    I guess I was disappointed in her when, early in her career as she was really hitting the big time, she wouldn’t admit she was from North Dakota (apparently she thought it was cooler and better for her career to be from California). Call me parochial, but that rubbed me the wrong way. I think she’s quite pleased with her picture hanging in the capitol now, though.

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