The Common Cold

I don’t write all that much here about my personal life.  I can be as closed and uptight as the next Norwegian.

But for the past five days I’ve had THE worst cold, one of those colds so popular with the young people these days.  The symptoms are too disgusting to describe, even for the internet.  Suffice it to say, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, not even a competing feature reporter.

I know there’s no cure, but I know too a person can get some relief from the worst of it.  I’ll try anything (within reason).  If alcohol is involved, so much the better.

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  1. Terry

    Thanks, robbie. I’d never heard of the shower thing. (At first I thought you were kidding.) Hot brandy, I heard of. Apparently, I’m going to live.

  2. Camburn

    Good Old fashioned home made chicken noodle soup. You have to boil a whole chicken or at least a breast. There is something in the bones that seems to fight colds quit well. Something to be said about “Moms cures”.
    Best regards

  3. Dave

    You must be talking about one of those colds where the nasal fluid runs down your throat and your throat goes raw and your stomach is all acidy and you have to blow your nose constantly. I use Fenugreek. It’s an herb that you can get in tablet form from the local health food store. Take two every four hours. It dries up your sinuses and you can function like a normal human being until the cold passes. That and vitamin C work better than anything I have ever tried. You will absolutely amazed at how wonderful this stuff works.

  4. Terry Dullum

    Thanks, Dave. I’ve never heard of Fenugreek. (I thought I knew everything.) I used to use Echineacea. Then I read it got busted as worthless in a new study. What are you going do?

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