Bob Eubanks

It was fun meeting Bob Eubanks Friday.  "The Newlywed Game" host appeared at the Spirit Lake Casino in Devils Lake in the live stage show he performs around the country called "The $250,000 Bob Eubanks Game Show Spectacular."  It sold out in Devils Lake.

The title of his autobiography "It’s In The Book, Bob" refers to one of the most famous moments in game show history, at a time when "making whooppee" was about as risque as

as television got.

Fewer people know him as a concert promoter and businessman, but he was the first to present the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl in the 1960’s.  He also promoted concerts by the likes of Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Barry Manilow and on and on.

He spent ten years "on the road" with Merle Haggard and he represented the Lennon Sisters, drawing the rath of Lawrence Welk when he dared ask for a pay raise for them.  ABC, not Lawrence, coughed up the extra money.  But it wasn’t long before Mr. Welk fired the Lennons from his popular show.  Ironically, the primetime version of "The Newlywed Game" was the lead-in to the "Lawrence Welk Show."  Everything connects. 

Our interview with Bob Eubanks will air Monday on WDAZ News @5.

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  1. craig whitehead

    Watching Lawrence Welk: The Italian Show, and it sure looked like Bob Eubanks was one of the extras in the first scene…bit I don’t see any mention of this on the web.

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