Southern California

Things I learned after spending a couple of weeks in San Diego and Southern California:

For a city of close to two and a half million people, San Diego has an amazingly small airport with one–yes, one–runway.  It is surrounded on all sides by water and downtown San Diego streets, which makes for an interesting landing.  On average, a plane takes off or lands there every 90 seconds.  There’s talk of building a new San Diego airport in the dessert, 100 miles away.

San Diego has a great newspaper in the San Diego Union Tribune.  The death of Kirby Puckett and South Dakota’s new abortion law were both reported on the same day on page one.  The Union Tribune is heavy on health and nutritian issue coverage including a regular exercise column and daily advice on precisely how long fair-skinned Norwegians can be in the sun at each hour of the day before getting sunburned.  The newspaper’s obituaries are the most interesting, well-written I’ve ever read.

I wouldn’t have minded staying at the Hotel del Coronado–except for the price.  I’m told on pretty good authority rooms run about 250 to 2,500 bucks a night.  If you have to ask, I guess, you can’t afford it.  The del is the last of the large wooden resort hotels.  It was

the backdrop, of course, for "Some Like It Hot" starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.  It looks even better in person thant it did in the 1959 film.

I’ll never get tired of looking at the Capitol Records tower in Hollywood.  Frank Sinatra, Nat "King" Cole and Peggy Lee recorded there in Studio A.  Its architect denies that it was

meant to resemble a stack of records.  The offices are said to small and uncomfortable.  I don’t care.  It’s my favorite building anywhere.

Universal Studios Hollywood is as tacky and as fun as ever.  The movie backlot street that serves as Wisteria Lane for ABC’s "Desperate Houses" has overtaken Alfred Hitchcock’s "Pyscho" house and Bates Motel for getting the most crowd reaction on the studio tram tour.     

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  1. swany

    the union trib is a good newspaper. it had an interesting article on the 19th about troops returning home with a wide array of mental health disorders, the first newspaper to do an indepth story as such. good paper.

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