Peyton Place

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The Common Cold

I don’t write all that much here about my personal life.  I can be as closed and uptight as the next Norwegian. But for the past five days I’ve had THE worst cold, one of those colds so popular with the young people these days.  The symptoms are too disgusting to describe, even for the…
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More On Joe

This week on television we’re going to take a look at some of the work being done by Fosston, Minnesota native Joe Hanson.  We first told you about Joe in a blog earlier this month.  He and his filmmaking partner Ali Hassan create funny, quirky short films for Al Gore’s Current TV.  We’ll take a look…
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Tofu Day

At first I thought Big Dog Pat Mars of KJ108 and I might have been tricked into some sort of unusual experiment at the Human Nutritian Research Center in Grand Forks under the guise of judging the center’s Tofu Day event.  Then I found out March is National Nutritian Month.  After careful consideration (and generous sample portions), Mr. Mars…
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Bob Eubanks

It was fun meeting Bob Eubanks Friday.  "The Newlywed Game" host appeared at the Spirit Lake Casino in Devils Lake in the live stage show he performs around the country called "The $250,000 Bob Eubanks Game Show Spectacular."  It sold out in Devils Lake. The title of his autobiography "It’s In The Book, Bob" refers to one…
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