The Weekend

Thanks to the Knights of Columbus in Barnesville for a pleasant evening Friday.  The Barnseville KC’s seem to like short, Norwegian after dinner speakers with receding hairlines. They were very all very nice to me even though I’m not Catholic.  I’m an Episcopalian.  As I told them, I’m no theologian, but I’ve always thought that…
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Bert Or Ernie?

This week on the Dullum File we’re going to be conducting a personal preference poll.  Questions that come up everyday, but ones you don’t think much about. For example, paper or plastic?  Or catsup or mustard?  Also, some a little harder.  Who’s sexier–Bert or Ernie? As always, your opinion is greatly valued.  Thank you for your consideration.

Making Human Contact

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to get a real person on the telephone these days when you’re dealing with a company?  Automated voice response systems seem to have been invented to keep us from reaching human beings.  But now there’s hope. This month a guy by the name of Paul English has launched a new…
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The Long And Icy Road

Thanks to the North Dakota Association of County Engineers.  Not only did they laugh at the guest speaker’s jokes the other night at the group’s annual conference in Fargo, but also the prime rib was excellent. Thanks, too, to the semi driver who slowed down to something like 25-miles-an-hour to help guide me and several…
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This Week

This week of the Dullum File we’re going to Paper or plastic,