Oscar Moments

Time now, boys and girls, to pick our favorite moments from the Academy Award presentations.  Me first.

It was at the height of the streaking craze on April 2, 1974, as British actor David Niven was introducing Elizabeth Taylor.  A naked man behind him raced from stage right to stage left, flashing the peace sign.

As much as I like that Oscar moment, I’ve always suspected it was planned.  I must have watched the tape a dozen times.  The camera shot was a little too perfect, cutting off the nude guy just above the waist.  As urbane and witty as he was, Mr. Niven’s response was a little too good.  He said "Ladies and gentlemen, that was bound to happen.  Just think, the only laugh that man will probably ever get is for stripping and showing off his shortcomings."  Scripted or not, it was a very good line.

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  1. Snicker

    Now she’s turned into a hot little number. She’s a little chunky but there is nothing wrong with that. She has dark hair and wierd teeth. I remember she used to wear weird clothes. I don’t think she acts anymore and might have gotten in trouble for robbing a thrift store in Kentucky.

  2. chief photog

    I remember when my all-time favorite movie Joe vs the Volcano won best picture in 1990. It was the perfect ending to the perfect movie.

  3. Star filter

    When will someone make a movie about a casino manager on a soap opera, who says “Urgent call, Mr Jacks!”…..Gold, baby…pure gold!

  4. Bunco22

    Joe versus the volcano is inspirational. It’s great how an ordianary guy becomes a hero. I can relate and understand why you like it chief photog.

  5. Jenn

    Anna Paquin is still acting – she’s been in all the X-Men movies, including the new one to be released this year, and she also had a role in the fantastic movie The Squid and the Whale.

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