The Weekend

Thanks to the Knights of Columbus in Barnesville for a pleasant evening Friday.  The Barnseville KC’s seem to like short, Norwegian after dinner speakers with receding hairlines.

They were very all very nice to me even though I’m not Catholic.  I’m an Episcopalian.  As I told them, I’m no theologian, but I’ve always thought that being an Episcopalian is sort of like being a Catholic Lite–about a third less guilt.

Thanks, too, to the Altru Health Foundation of Grand Forks for inviting me to emcee its first annual Harvest Gala Saturday night.  It’s called Harvest Gala because it was originally scheduled last fall only to be postponed because of a scheduling conflict.  It was a UND hockey night.

We had a lot of fun and I hope raised a lot of money for Altru’s Breast Center.  The new center brings doctors, staff and equipment together in one location making a patient’s diagnosis and treatment faster.

It’s been a busy weekend.  I’ll be happy to get back to work Monday and get some rest. 

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  1. Sugar Box

    How was the Prime Rib? Did they make it in a heat box or on some sort of grill? The grill puts markings on your prime rib because of the flames and such. But inside the heat box, you don’t get the lines on your prime rib. There used to be some guy who made very good prime rib in Breckenridge.

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