The Long And Icy Road

Thanks to the North Dakota Association of County Engineers.  Not only did they laugh at the guest speaker’s jokes the other night at the group’s annual conference in Fargo, but also the prime rib was excellent.

Thanks, too, to the semi driver who slowed down to something like 25-miles-an-hour to help guide me and several others on I-29 into Fargo Thursday night while we were under a winter weather "advisory."

It’s amazing just how far a television news reporter will go to pick up a free meal.   

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  1. Sugar Box

    Oooo…prime rib sounds very good!! Whos was it? Did they make it on a grill or inside of some kind of heat box? I think the best prime rib is made in a heated oven. Did the semi truck driver eat prime rib too? Or did he have something else? Like stake?

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