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Oscar Moments

Time now, boys and girls, to pick our favorite moments from the Academy Award presentations.  Me first. It was at the height of the streaking craze on April 2, 1974, as British actor David Niven was introducing Elizabeth Taylor.  A naked man behind him … Continue reading


Curt Gowdy

It was very sad this week to have to report the passing of Curt Gowdy.  As a sportscaster and as a broadcaster, he was simply one of the best. As reporter/photographer/sports anchor/all-around-good-guy James DeGelder said in the newsroom the other … Continue reading

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Dream Boogie

If you’re looking for something really good to read on the beach this winter in Florida or by the fireplace in North Dakota, I’ve got a suggestion.  "Dream Boogie:  The Triumph of Sam Cooke" by Peter Guralnick is the story … Continue reading

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Play-Doh’s Birthday

This week on the Dullum File we observe the 50th birthday of Play-Doh. To celebrate, the kids at Center Court Fitness daycare and I made some of our favorite stuff out of Play-Doh including a (blue) kangaroo and a pancake (in bright orange).  Our station … Continue reading

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An interesting story in the New York Times today about Evard Munch’s missing painting "The Scream" stolen about a year and a half ago from a Norwegian museum. The painting is, or was, a national treasure in Norway.  Stealing it is … Continue reading

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The Weekend

Thanks to the Knights of Columbus in Barnesville for a pleasant evening Friday.  The Barnseville KC’s seem to like short, Norwegian after dinner speakers with receding hairlines. They were very all very nice to me even though I’m not Catholic.  … Continue reading

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Bert or Ernie?

This week on the Dullum File we’re going to be conducting a personal preference poll.  Questions that come up everyday, but ones you don’t think much about. For example, paper or plastic?  Or catsup or mustard?  Also, some a little harder.  Who’s sexier–Bert … Continue reading


Making Human Contact

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to get a real person on the telephone these days when you’re dealing with a company?  Automated voice response systems seem to have been invented to keep us from reaching human beings.  But now there’s … Continue reading

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The Long and Icy Road

Thanks to the North Dakota Association of County Engineers.  Not only did they laugh at the guest speaker’s jokes the other night at the group’s annual conference in Fargo, but also the prime rib was excellent. Thanks, too, to the … Continue reading


This Week

This week of the Dullum File we’re going to Paper or plastic,  

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