Jesus In Primetime

It seems Jesus has become a character on night-time time television lately.

The latest is NBC’s new primetime soap opera "The Book of Daniel."  Aidan Quinn plays an Episcopal priest addicted to Vicodin.  His wife can’t get through a family meal without a martini.  One of his sons is gay.  The other is a teenager "lady killer."  His daughter has just been arrested for selling pot to finance her budding career in the world of Japanese cartoon art.  His mother has Alzheimer’s.  His father is a Bishop having an affair with a female clergy.  Jesus is Jesus.  It’s a little like "Arrested Development," but without the pratfalls. 

A couple of seasons ago, Jesus also began showing up as a recurring character in the FX drama "Rescue Me."  Denis Leary is a New York firefighter whose family has been torn apart by 911.  As in "The Book of Daniel," Jesus appears when needed to counsel the lead character.  Mary also drops by occasionally in this one.  (Leary’s character is Irish Catholic.)   

Even before the first episode aired, a couple of NBC stations in the country replaced "The Book of Daniel" from their schedules.  But at least some people are thinking about Jesus because of it, which may be more than they did during the Christmas season.   

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  1. prairiewomn

    I don’t regularily watch TV, so I don’t really understand the issues with the show. Other than the standards regarding the things you mentioned about the family members. I think the show may not last long because it sounds a little over the top. How many “real” families do you know that have that many “indescretions” in the immediate family? It may have been better to spread things out a bit among extended family. On the bright side, if they stick with the true feelings Jesus would have on those situations, then maybe it will be ok. I just don’t know. Maybe I will have to watch it one night and formulate a real opinion. Thanks for pointing it out.

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