Unseen Movies

Question:  What do "Brokeback Mountain," "The Producers," "Capote," and "Good Night and Good Luck" have in common?  Answer:  They are all excellent movies that have yet to be seen in Grand Forks.

Others like "March of the Penquins" never make it to a Grand Forks movie theater before becoming available on home video.

With Canad Inns’ decision not to open a new movie theater at its proposed complex next to the Alerus Event Center, prospects for Grand Forks movie-goers don’t seem much improved in the future.

If you ask the people who run local theaters why more movies don’t open in GF, they will tell you that Grand Forks movie openings are set by people at Carmike Cinemas elsewhere in the country.  But, why and based on what? 

Grand Forks has 14 movie screens.  It seems like it should be enough.  With many more screens, Fargo does considerably better.  Especially with the films programmed at the Fargo Theatre.  Seems to me Carmike  should be able to do better in Grand Forks. 


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  1. grandforksguy


    I have always been frustrated by the lack of movie choices in Grand Forks, especially when it comes to the more “critically acclaimed” ones. When Canad Inn announced their plans for a theater, I was excited because I knew that the more screens in this town, the more chances of seeing movies like “Capote” here in Grand Forks. I also think it is about time the existing theater gets renovated into a stadium-seat theater. I realize they announced plans to do so, but with no pressure anymore, I will not be holding my breath.

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