Happy New Year, Dick

Here’s hoping Dick Clark is well enough for his live hosting duties tonight on "New Year’s Rockin’ Eve."  The show begins at 9 o’clock tonight on ABC.  Mr. Clark is supposed to be seen shortly after a break for local news about 10:35.

Dick hasn’t been seen publicly since the stroke that took him out of the picture more than a year ago.  The New York Times reports this morning that Paul Shefrin, his longtime spokesman, has been talking to reporters all week to promote the show, a job Mr. Clark usually handles himself.   And that a promotional photograph of Clark with co-hosts, Ryan Seacrest and Hilary Duff, distributed by the network has been shown to have been digitally altered.  An image of Clark from before his stroke was inserted into the frame.


"I don’t think he is 100 percent," Seacrest told Associated Press radio, "but he will not be in a wheelchair."  Still, it doesn’t sound that good.

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  1. Paulee

    Hey Terry,

    I did get a chance to watch Dick Clark’s return to the New Year’s Eve Celebration. I guess that I never, really, realized how serious that stroke really was. Looks like the “Oldest Living Teenager” finally got older. His appearance still looks great, but once he started to talk, it really hit me how serious that stroke really was. He said that he had spent this last year learing how to walk and talk again. I guess that the media really didn’t talk much about Mr. Clark’s stroke all that much over the last year. They talked about it when it happened, and then, that was about it, until he made the announcement that he was going to be back this year.

    The one part that was touching, was that when the clock struck midnight, they switched the camera shot to Dick kissing his (from what I am to assume) wife. That was really a touching moment.

    I hope that this isn’t Dick clark’s last year hosting the event, but if it was, I can certainly understand it. I guess that when I look back on those many New Year’s Eve parties, I want to remember the old young sounding, upbeat Dick Clark. I really hurt to see him doing it like that.

  2. TD

    Yeah, Dick looked and sounded about like the stroke victim he is, sadly. Actually, he’s doing remarkably well, all things considered. We sometimes forget that the “teenager” is now 76.
    The woman kissing him at midnight was his wife Kari. They’ve been married since 1977. As I understand it, she has or had family in Fargo. In fact, I’m told the Clarks used to quietly spend Christmas in Fargo before flying to New York for the “Rockin'” show.
    I read that Ryan Seacrest has been signed to host the show. My guess is that Dick will appear on it like he did last night as long as he can.

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