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Oprah’s Frey

Is it just me, or does Oprah Winfrey seem a little too defensive about her part in the James Frey deal? James Frey is the author of the immensely popular memoir "A Million Little Pieces."  It recounts his many years drug … Continue reading


Aging Baby Boomers

Watching the years slip by has never bothered me much.  But when the first baby boomers started turning sixty earlier this month, I have to admit I was "taken aback" a little. I’m a card-carrying member of the Baby Boomer Generation.  (Actually, … Continue reading

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Obssessive Compulsive Fishing

This week on television we’re going to be talking about a newly-termed disorder called Obssessive Compulsive Fishing.  We’ll be bringing in our old friend Ernie the Angler to help.  Ernie does the fishing reports on WDAZ during the season.  He has … Continue reading


Inventing Late Night

     I still attribute the dark circles under my eyes to staying up much too late in high school watching "The Steve Allen Show."  It was a syndicated show he did years after originating "The Tonight Show."  It was much too … Continue reading

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Jesus in Primetime

It seems Jesus has become a character on night-time time television lately. The latest is NBC’s new primetime soap opera "The Book of Daniel."  Aidan Quinn plays an Episcopal priest addicted to Vicodin.  His wife can’t get through a family meal without a martini.  One … Continue reading

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Unseen Movies

Question:  What do "Brokeback Mountain," "The Producers," "Capote," and "Good Night and Good Luck" have in common?  Answer:  They are all excellent movies that have yet to be seen in Grand Forks. Others like "March of the Penquins" never make it to a Grand … Continue reading

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Happy New Year, Dick

Here’s hoping Dick Clark is well enough for his live hosting duties tonight on "New Year’s Rockin’ Eve."  The show begins at 9 o’clock tonight on ABC.  Mr. Clark is supposed to be seen shortly after a break for local news … Continue reading


Are You Average?

This week on the Dullum File we’re going to be talking about what is and isn’t average.  Kevin O’Keefe has written a book called "The Average American:  The Extraordinary Search for the Nation’s Most Ordinary Citizen."  Part of the fun … Continue reading